Decision Chart: Scrum vs. Scrum-ban

blocks of scrumban work

Scrum is a great tool for many development teams, but not all projects fit perfectly within the framework of scrum.   Another useful technique that may help some teams is Scrum-ban.   Scrum-ban combines Scrum with Kanban.   Whereas scrum focuses on sizing and velocity within a defined-length sprint, Scrum-ban offers the option of continuous delivery.


Deciding Between Scrum vs. Scrum-ban

1.  Can your tasks be easily broken into roughly same-sized pieces of work?

2.  Is your team focused on completing multiple short-term deliverables?

3.  Does the priority of your group’s work change frequently?

4.  Is it critical that you handle interrupts well?


The more “yes” answers you have to these questions, the more likely that Scrum-ban will work for your group.  Please out our follow up article here to learn more details about how to implement Scrum-ban and tips and tricks to make Scrum-ban most effective.


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